Resources for Deeper Investigation

A rich on-line selection of Quaker reference materials is available through the following web sites.

Modern sources:

  • Books of faith and practice available online: sometimes called "disciplines," books of "faith and practice" are guides published by yearly meetings (regional Quaker bodies) for use by their members. They contain practical, procedural information as well as religious guidance and inspirational material.
  • Pendle Hill pamphlets, published regularly since 1934, present a variety of viewpoints on subjects of concern to Friends. All are still in print and can be ordered from the Pendle Hill Bookstore. See pamphlets list. Many pamphlets are available as free downloads.
  • Resources for Meetings and Individual Friends from Friends General Conference: FGC Library. Includes many articles on ministry, outreach, overcoming racism, and other topics, as well as the text of Resources for Fostering Vital Friends Meetings.
  • Quaker pamphlets, from a variety of sources, are listed at Publishers of Truth. Most of these publications were written during the 20th century; a few are older or more recent.
  • More free downloads are available from Friends Council on Education, which provides resources for students, parents and educators in Friends schools. See downloadable publications.
  • Friends Journal provides digital copies of every issue since 2010 and offers the ability to search for everything they have published since their formation in 1955 at their website.
  • Quaker Religious Thought provides a chronological listing of titles and authors from all their issues at Quaker Theological Discussion Group.
  • New Children of the Light covenant group recordings.
  • Quaker Speak is a project by Friends Journal and offers weekly videos on a variety of topics of interest to Quakers. The videos can be found on YouTube or at their website.

Historical writings:

  • Historical Quaker documents, including the works of many early Friends, are available online through the Digital Quaker Collection, of Earlham School of Religion;
  • from Quaker Heritage Press, a labor of Larry and Licia Kuenning;
  • and from additional sources listed at Quaker Texts Online.
  • In addition, a partly-searchable edition of The Journal of John Woolman, an eighteenth century American Friend whose journal is widely read as an example of a Quaker who faithfully strove to "walk the talk," is part of the online collection of Harvard Classics.
  • Quaker Bible Index a scripture index to the writings of early Friends, is an in-progress work by Esther Murer.
  • Also see our History and Exhibits .

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Also see the following sources for frequently-sought information: