Friends Libraries

The following list is limited to those libraries which have an online link to information about a collection of Quaker materials. For a fuller listing of Friends Libraries, including Friends colleges, contact the Quaker Information Center for information from the directory of the Friends World Committee for Consultation. Please include your mailing address.

United States

Henry J. Cadbury Library of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. (Although this library is smaller than many of the academic libraries, it contains the world's largest circulating collection of Quaker books and publications. Searchable online catalog. Arrangements can sometimes be made for non PYM-membership on a fee basis.)

Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. (A research collection in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.)

The Quaker Collection of Haverford College. (A research collection in Haverford, Pennsylvania.)

Quaker Archives of Earlham College. (A research collection in Richmond, Indiana.)

Friends Historical Collection of Guilford College. (A research collection in Greensboro, North Carolina.)

Friends Library of of Malone College. (A research collection in Canton, Ohio, with historical and contemporary materials from Friends Churches, concentrating on but not limited to affiliates of Evangelical Friends Church International.)

Quaker Collection at the University of Michigan. (A research collection containing documents from the period 1700-1888.)

Quaker Collection at Wilmington College. (Located in Wilmington, Ohio.)

Special Collections of Whittier College Library in Whittier, California. (Includes collections on John Greenleaf Whittier, Jessamyn West, Richard Nixon, Jan De Hartog.)

Special Collections of Friends University Library in Wichita, Kansas. (A collection of historical photographs.)

Great Britain

The Library at Friends House of Britain Yearly Meeting in London.

Woodbrooke Library of the Woodbrooke Study Center in Birmingham.