How to Find a Friends Meeting Near You

If you are looking for a comprehensive list of Friends meetings and churches in the U.S. and Canada:

Go to: This locator service is maintained by Friends World Committee for Consultation.

If you want driving directions and maps:

Go to  to map the way to a meeting using Google Maps technology. (Site still in progress, but very robust -- it has the goal of serving Friends meetings worldwide.)

If you are looking for an unprogrammed  Meeting in the US or Canada:

Go to This locator service is maintained by Friends General Conference.

If you are looking for a meeting in Great Britain or Ireland:

Go to Search for Your Local Meeting in Great Britain . This service is maintained by Britain Yearly Meeting. For meetings in Ireland and Northern Ireland, see:

If you are looking for Quaker contacts elsewhere in the world:

The various world regions of Friends World Committee for Consultation list contact information for the yearly meetings in different parts of the world. Yearly meetings are regional affiliations of monthly meetings or churches. Through the yearly meetings, you can obtain contact information for their member congregations.

For Africa:

For Asia/West Pacific:

For Europe/Middle East:

For Latin America:

If there are no Friends meetings in your area:

Contact Wider Quaker Fellowship, a worldwide program of Friends World Committee for Consultation, Section of the Americas, for networking opportunities and a "ministry of literature."

Voices of Friends is the online outreach of the Wider Quaker Fellowship sponsored by Friends World Committee for Consultion Section of the America.

See the article, "When You're the Only Friend in Town: Starting a New Friends Meeting"  by the Advancement and Outreach Committee of Friends General Conference. 

Some other ways to learn about and network with Friends:

Take part in the lively community of Friends bloggers, QuakerQuaker.

Participate in the programs of Earlham School of Religion  (Indiana), Pendle Hill  (Pennsylvania), the Friends Center of Ohio Yearly Meeting  (Ohio).

Participate in QuakerSpring

Participate in the General Gathering of Conservative Friends

Participate in the Friends General Conference Annual Gathering

Subscribe to Friends Journal  (a publication that emphasizes the liberal, unprogrammed Friends traditions). 

Subscribe to Quaker Life  (a publication that emphasizes the Scripture-based, programmed Friends traditions).