Some Directories of Quaker Organizations

Friends Schools

Schools Under the Care of Friends, a comprehensive directory for the United States maintained by Friends Council on Education.

Quaker Schools Worldwide, a list maintained by Friends School Saffron Walden. (This list is only partial for the U.S., but likely to be complete for Great Britain.)

Friends Colleges in the United States

Colleges, Universities and Study Centers, a list maintained by the Friends Association for Higher Education.

Friends Retirement Services in the United States

FSA Member Organizations and Non-Member Organizations, lists maintained by Friends Services for the Aging.

Quaker Bookstores, an online bookstore of Friends General Conference.

Pendle Hill Bookstore

Quaker Bookstores, a list posted by Quakers Uniting in Publications.

Quaker Periodicals

Friends Journal Quaker Life Magazine (from Friends United Meeting) FGC Connections (from Friends General Conference).

Quaker Periodicals, a list maintained independently by Russell Nelson.

Quaker Theology, an online journal published by Quaker Ecumenical Seminars in Theology (QUEST).

Quaker Publishers

Many can be found through the webpages of QUIP (Quakers Uniting in Publications).

Friends Libraries in the United States and England

List of libraries with Quaker collections

Quaker Camps in the U.S. and Canada

List of Quaker camps maintained by the Quaker Information Center.